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Are you ready to own a barbershop and become the best barber in town?

Take on the challenge and become rich while running your family business!

Start with your grandad’s old furniture and work hard to make your reputation grow. Improve every detail and turn your small business into a stylish hair salon able to please all kinds of customers with the most innovative hairdressing techniques!

Deal with the needs of your facilities and take the proper decisions to expand your business and bring fame and prestige to your premises: customize and change the decoration; implement new hairdressing services; offer new beard, mustache, and haircut styles; use hairdressing supplies like gels, hairdryers, combs, brushes, razor blades, or new hair dyes… Make choices and see their impact on your character’s evolution!


Follow the main character’s storytelling as you advance in the idle game! Take advantage of all the features an idle game includes and, at the same time, find out the different stories of people that come to your barbershop. Some of them may help you with your business during the progress.


Discover new people while advancing in the story! With their help, you will be able to turn your modest hair salon into a successful reference in your city. Talk with all of them, know more about their lives, make friends, and maybe find your ideal partner!


Be the perfect hairdresser and make a difference by offering a wide range of hairstyles. Unlock new skills and tools so you and your staff could shave, curl, cut, wash, dye, trim, or comb in many different ways! Improve your reputation and start making more and more money thanks to all the creative ideas you could provide to your customers. Be ready for the most demanding clients and learn as many hairdressing techniques as possible! Specialize also in mustaches, sideburns, goatees, and beards, or use the boldest hair colors to make your clients look great.


Your barbershop needs the proper staff to meet your customers’ needs! Work hard to be a worthy boss and find the best employees to cover all the business requirements. Build a solid work team and know their strengths and weaknesses throughout their own stories.

If you like incremental and idle games, you will enjoy Idle Barbershop Tycoon! A casual easytoplay game where strategic decisions have to be taken to grow an old familiar business with profitable results. Improve your premises starting with the basics and unlock visible progress in your establishment. Transform your small business into the most competitive barbershop in the city and become the best manager!

Casual and strategic gameplay for every player
Story + Idle game concept
Constant challenges
Dozens of hairstyles and razor services
Lots of characters and interactions
Numerous objects to be unlocked
Funny 3D graphics and great animations with hipster vibes
Management of a successful business
Follow your own love story

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Método 2. Se você já tem o NoxPlayer no PC, clique em "Baixar APK" e arraste e solte o arquivo no emulador para instalar.

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