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I just opened a brand new, never used Paramount software suite flash drive to install on my MacBook Pro. The first time I put the drive in the USB port, it mounted the Linux and Pi versions but not the windows or Mac versions. When I ejected the drive and tried a second time, it would mount the Windows partition but none of the other three. When I check the drive with a finder window, it only sees the Windows partition. When I check the drive with Disk Utility, it sees all four partitions but will only allow the Windows partition to mount. 

My son did some fancy IT footwork and managed to use terminal to transfer the entire Mac partition to the hard drive of my laptop. From there I was able to mount it and install the software, but it is not possible to do so from the flash drive. I'm worried that if I ever switch to a different computer I will be out of luck with regards to getting it to install.

What do you think is happening and what can I do to get a flash drive that allows mounting of any of the four partitions on their respective platforms?

Thank You!!!

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