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I believe that skill based MM is actually here. 

Here is the situation: Two accounts are used from the same machine, same settings, same vanilla client.
Playing the same tanks (tier 10), same equipment, equivalent crew skills.

Stats for accounts: Account 1 - Green, Account 2 purple (Wn8 3k+)

Account 1 enjoys WoT easy mode, extremely enjoyable out of 20 games played only 3 were full tier 10s and there is also obvious XVM camo. favorable RNG.
Account 2 out of 20 games played 12 were full tier 10s, arty magnet and "I will yolo to kill a stat padder" magnet, average RNG

With this, I have to congratulate WG on successfully implementing skill based MM.

Please help....

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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