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Fuel filter changed.

1. Fuel pump can be heard to prime when ignition is switched to position 2.

2. Fuel filter changed.

3. When the pipe from the tank is disconected from the filter, no fuel comes through when the engine is turned over.

I'm arriving at the conclusion that the pump is knackered, even tho I can hear it prime. I've heard there's another main filter, accessable from a small panel under the rear seats.....

Also, after changing the filter, is there some special trick to re-prime it to remove air from the pipes, or should it just work straight away after a straight swap?

Anyone else had this problem? Any tips appreciated.

Please help.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References forums.mg-rover.org/mg-zr-rover-25-200-streetwise-101/25-possible-fuel-pump-problem-328653/

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