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game crash help
i've been having this issue since i started playing the game. during random moments of playing, or dying, or trying to save my game by tabbing into the habitat, my game just crashes and leaves my entire computer useless. i cant bring up task manager to try to close the game. it's just a blank screen, usually gray, but sometimes different colors. there is usually a high buzzing noise associated with this, but sometimes i cant still hear someone i am talking to on discord or my music on spotify.

game doesn't usually save, and then after a while, i can't load up previous games. it just stays on the load screen and the circle moves forever. 

i've tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling. running as admin. switching to experimental. nothing has worked and i was hoping someone else had this issue and knew how to fix it. i've combed through everything.

Please help....

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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