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What Pokémon should I add to my Ultra Sun team?
Well 3rd island gives you access to some pretty cool dragon types like Flygon, Garchomp, and Turtonator. Also you'll have the ability to catch a Mimikyu which has a highly prized typing of both Ghost and Fairy. I'd ditch the Zorua unless you really love it. No sense in having 2 dark types and Sharpedo gives you the water typing for your team so there's that to consider. Also Lycanroc is a bit overrated tbh. I find that you'll have more use for a ground typing with some rock type moves then vice versa. Pallosand can be a solid choice as well. I find fighting types pretty solid for these games overall so i would not ditch machoke and have someone help you evolve it if it were me.

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What Pokémon should I add to my Ultra Sun team? - por Donnieclark - 12-07-2017, 03:31 AM

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