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Problem registering admin application
We are doing a deploy of CLM 4.0.4 on WAS, AIX/Power7. We are having a problem with registering the admin application with JTS. It keeps redirecting to http and the unsecure port. We've double checked the IHS setup and redeployed the admin.war carefully, but still getting this error:

An error occurred while attempting to access the Application About service listed in the Discovery document for this application. Please ensure that the application has been installed and provisioned correctly.ID CRJAZ2080E

Unable to load /jts/proxy?uri=http%3A%2F% 2Faxwebjjtsdev001%3A31100% 2Fadmin%2Fapplication-about& dojo.preventCache= 1384444480317 status: 400

It seems to be redirecting to an unsecure port from our secure port. Not sure why. The web.xml file from the admin.war doesn't contain any statements like:
that would be changed to 
for non-SSL.

Is this controlled in some server.xml file on WAS? 

Any ideas?

Thank You!!!

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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