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New player raid questions
Hello everyone, today I bring up a question that has confused me for the past week. 

How does one enter a raid?

Being absolutely new to rift (level 50) and MMORPG's in general, I have no previous experiments in raiding. The biggest problem I have is that no matter how much I search through the forums or rift related sites, I still can't seem to find an accurate explanation as to how raids work. I understand that they usually consist of 10 or 20 players. I have also learned from. Browsing the sites that raid can be instance or public. Until recently, I always thought raids were similar to dungeons with the only difference being more players, but that doesn't seem to be the case. First of all, I discovered that there is no automatic queue for raids, as the raid groups have to be created manually. My main problem is: How do players access instance raid dungeons without a raid menu? As I said before, there does not seem to be a Raid menu. How does the entire group enter the same raid dungeon? Do they just have to be in the same party or is something else required? As you can see, I am very confused when it comes joining raiding, as opposed to the straightforward dungeon queue available early on. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!!!

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