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Looking for roleplayers
I'm on Landroval and I'm looking for people to role play with.
I'd like role play that is decent.

I also recently created a new character and would like to role play journeying from the starting regions such as Ered Luin and/or Bree all the way to Gondor.
I'd be interested in following the epic line, but not exclusively. I would like to have other adventures/quest.
Characters don't need to be on level. 

If you interested in forming a fellowship you can contact me on the forums or in game.

I also would like to role play in Gondor and other regions.

Some of my characters you can contact me on
Arvorienel(Open for role play in various regions) Elf
Tarandiel (Open for role play in beginning regions for now) Elf
Felronmir (Would like to role play in Gondor) Man
Agalniel (Character I want to roleplay through epic) Elf

Any thoughts?

Thank You!!!

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