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GPS Issue?

I have been having a weird "glitch" the last 3 days. I will load the game and start playing. I notice that the character on the game will walk then stop for 5 seconds or so then run to catch up. It seems like the GPS is stuttering for some reason. Also when it's like this if I go into a gym to battle it will throw an error bar across the top and toss me from the gym. When I close the app and reload it to try fixing it I can't even get back into the app. It will stay on the loading screen and the bar at the bottom will get to around half loaded and just stall. At that point I have to just stop playing and try again later. Nothing I do at that point will get me back in. I cleared the app cache, cleared the app data, deleted and reinstalled the app, turned off location and turned it back on, rebooted the phone several times. Anyone else ever experienced this?? It makes me want to throw my phone when it happens! LOL. Anyone have any suggestions that may fix this?

Thank You!!!

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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