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What if we had a child/teen like operator?
This new movement set gives them the opportunity to zoom across maps like little devils. For example the main character from mirrors edge, so typically we park our in a sense. So this will incorporate a whole new feel to the game and break out the rules and have something new and interesting to the table. Then again this is probably just my weird visions but hey who knows. A perfect example of this would be Jonah from "Jormungand" is the prime example of what we could have as a new operator in R6S; they're agile, which could be 3 speed, not very durable so 1 speed, and last but not least the special skill with this operator has the ability to pick up and save any weapon the operator drops, and grenades, flash bangs, etc. . They would be an attacker and this operator would be significantly short sure this sounds bad but think of it like this we must learn and adapt sooner or later like the community getting used to Ash's logic breaking hit box. So this is my idea feel free to share opinions, and give feedback and keep in mind I know this kinda sounds stupid just need to remind me and further more excuse my grammar I'm trying to put all this out from the top of my head my phone is currently dying.


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