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Error message when students are testing
I am  using it on an intranet in a class today on a Windows 2012 server (Moodle 3.3).

I have 28 students. All logged in, updated user profiles, and enrolled in the course with no issues. We administered a pre-test and that is when we ran into our issue. 25 users had no issue in the test. 3 were presented with the following error:

Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer: Failed to unserialise data from file. Either failed to read, or failed to write.

They could not refresh to get passed it. We closed the browser and tried to have the students log back in. Once they signed the same issue.

I dowloaded the three profiles, deleted their user accounts, and then uploaded the information again and now they can login.

My reading tells me this is a cache issue. I read the following today:

1.Execute script purgecaches to reset the cache system. (php /moodle/admin/cli/purge_caches.php)

Does this sound like it? How can I run this in a Windows environment?

I will be trying to recreate the issue after class today with the students. Is there something I should specifically test? Is there a way for me to resolve this issue without a PHP background?

Please help ....

I did not find the right solution from the internet.
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